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During a tenancy, you have to take reasonable care of the premises and keep them reasonably clean having regard to their condition at commencement and the normal incidents of living.  There are no extra obligations during an inspection than on any other day of your tenancy.

It should be possible to meet your obligations by routine vacuuming.  But if there is a spill, stain or maybe even pet urine using stain-removal products straight away.  The ‘normal incidents of living’ means you are allowed to have some dust and belongings on the floor during an inspection.

But if normal vacuuming doesn’t work you have to rent carpet cleaning machines or simply hire a professional end of lease Aurora carpet cleaner.

What is End of lease carpet cleaning?

End of lease carpet cleaning also known as rental bond cleaning or vacate cleaning. It  is a service provided to clean your carpets at the end of a lease agreement. Your real estate agent’s property manager will conduct a thorough property inspection detailing the condition at the end of the tenancy. As a tenant, you are responsible for leaving the carpet and floors are clean when you vacate a rental property.

How can End of lease Aurora carpet cleaning help?

Aurora Carpet Cleaning can help in getting rid of any kind of odour.

Carpet seems to capture odours and hold onto them for dear life. These odours can be removed by professional carpet cleaning and the time and effort will depend largely on the type and intensity of the odour.

For example, if you were keeping a pet, It is much likely that your carpet will absorb your pet’s odour. This odour won’t leave your carpet with conventional cleaning methods at home. You will need to get professional carpet cleaning such as Aurora, when vacating the house because it was your pet not the owners!

Similarly, if you end up leaving a spot on your carpet or rug, your owner might try to create a problem in bond return process. End of lease carpet cleaning covers all of these including rug removal.

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