How to remove a coffee stain from carpet

Coffee Stain
How to remove a coffee stain from carpet? Everyone, at some point or other is bound to spill something on their carpet and need to get it cleaned. Carpet cleaning. Different types of carpets and different stains require different treatments. So how do you treat different carpet stains? We’ve taken the most common carpet stains with some remedies you can use to clean it that will leave your carpet looking as good as new.

I don’t know about you but I’ve spilled coffee on my mixed fibre carpet multiple times and it’s left a mess and been very difficult to remove, but in the process I have learned a lot about how to look after carpet.

Before you run to the supermarket to get carpet cleaning products, start by using products you have at home.

Firstly, when the stain happens don’t rub it into your carpet. Instead you need to lightly dab it with water to remove the surface coffee so that it doesn’t spread further or seep into the carpet’s fibres. If it does it will be very difficult to remove and will require a professional steam clean.

When you’re dealing with a coffee stain, you’re dealing with various substances. Firstly, there is the coffee which requires one approach to cleaning and then there is the milk which needs another.
Fortunately, though, most homes contain the products necessary to effortlessly remove a stain.
White vinegar is an excellent product to use to remove stains. Grab a cloth or an old towel and mix vinegar and water together, then ensure there is enough of the mixture on the cloth and run a patch test first. The patch test will give you the peace of mind that the mixture will not destroy the carpet, and remember here, carpet needs to be replaced in cuts so you do need to be careful.

If for example, the carpet in your lounge has a lot of stains, or even one large noticeable stain on it then the entire carpet will need replacing. You can’t replace small portions. The best you could do would be to lay a rug over the stain, but that is only a temporary test.
Once you’ve run the patch test and verified that the carpet, whether it’s wool, synthetic or nylon, will be okay, apply the mixture to the stain. You may need to do this a few times until the stain is gone. Ensure that if you do need to repeatedly dab the carpet that you are changing the cloth so that you aren’t spreading the liquid back into the carpet.
Check that the stain has gone, and if it has then that’s great but if it hasn’t then you may need to look to another option for your carpet cleaning needs.
That option could be the extreme – replace your carpet, but my bet is you’d only actually do this if you were already considering replacing your carpet with a new floor covering.
If you don’t want to spring for new carpet then call in the professional carpet cleaners to remove the stain. The professionals such as the team at Aurora Carpet Cleaning have the knowledge and experience to know the right way to treat different stains. They can clean wool carpet, nylon carpet, synthetic carpet and other floor coverings; and they are available on 0421 566 773 or

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