Carpet Cleaning Double Bay

Looking for a reliable, trusted, and professional carpet cleaner in Double Bay?
Look no further than Aurora Carpet Cleaning!

Our team pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality carpet cleaning and impeccable customer service, with your satisfaction being our ultimate reward!

With extensive industry experience and a team of local, professional, approachable and friendly carpet cleaners, we guarantee that your carpets will be the freshest, smoothest and cleanest they can be after we have worked our magic! 

As part of our commitment to customer service, our comprehensive range of carpet cleaning services can be booked quickly and easily through completing the “Request Call Back” or Contact form here, or by contacting our carpet cleaner on 0421 566 773.

With fast turnaround times, we could be at your home in no time, taking care of your carpet cleaning needs!

Our Procedure

At Aurora Carpet Cleaning we achieve our superior quality results primarily due to our detailed cleaning process, which involves the following stages;


Pre-Inspection – Our pre-inspection process enables us to have a good look at the type and quality of carpet we are working with. We can also identify any stains that may need more through treatment.

Pre-vacuum – a pre-vacuum removes surface dirt and fine dust and is an essential part of the process. Starting off on the right foot and removing dirt and grime build up ensure that we can provide a thorough clean.
Pre-Treatment, including stain treatment– we apply a pre-treatment to all high traffic areas in addition to any areas that we have identified are stained as part of our pre-inspection process.
Steam cleaning – we use high quality machines, with moderate pressure to ensure a great result and minimal risk of carpet damage.
Carpet grooming – we complete our carpet cleaning process with a carpet grooming process, which leaves your carpets looking neat and clean whilst also assisting with an efficient drying process should you wish to take our premium package.
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Serving the prestigious Double Bay and neighbouring areas, Aurora Carpet Cleaning is one of the area’s most reputable carpet cleaning businesses having service the area for a number of years.

Our carpet cleaning offers two different approaches:
Steam Cleaning Procedure
A comprehensive carpet cleaning service using the extraction method is significantly more sophisticated than a standard steam treatment. As a result, this steam-powered extraction method is the most efficient method for cleaning filthy carpets in the convenience of your own home or office.

Pressurised Hot Water Extraction will revitalise your carpet by removing compacted dust and eradicating a wide range of bacteria. In addition, steam extraction effectively eliminates home messes and pet spills, unwanted odours and dust particles.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Procedure

If the carpet is delicate, the carpet cleaning specialists might use a specialised dry chemical process. The granular solution is suitable with all synthetic materials, including silk and cotton. Additionally, since no hot water vapour is used this minimises the chance of damage.

Chemical dry carpet cleaning is also effective on other delicate or water-sensitive materials, including cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Schedule a clean today with Aurora Dry Carpet Cleaning Services in Double Bay using a high-end professional procedure that is eco-friendly and allergy-friendly.

Why Is Carpet Steam Cleaning Necessary?

 Aurora Carpet cleaning offers two types of carpet cleaning services, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. Each of these carpet cleaning methods have different approaches and methods, but both do lead to great results!
Your flooring is one of the most used areas of your home, with carpet something that is walked on daily and also something that bears the brunt of weight, from heavy furniture and household décor. Essentially it is a significant component of your home environment and should be treated carefully and with the utmost respect and care.
Vacuuming whilst great for removing some of the dirt and dust from your floors, does not provide a comprehensive clean. Without frequent steam cleaning you risk your household carpets retaining a variety of bugs, mildew, germs and perhaps even some carpet insects, which can not only damage your carpets, but risk your family’s health!

Aurora Carpet Cleaning’s steam cleaning process eliminates these risks and with our careful and considered approach to carpet cleaning, you will always be in safe hands, with clean, fresh, and well-maintained carpet!