Cleaning Techniques for Carpets and Rugs

After more than seven years in the industry and using various traditional and continuously updated rug and carpet cleaning processes, we have concluded that innovations play a crucial part in our modern lives. That is why, in the modern-day, we choose to use effective, creative techniques for rug and carpet cleaning. You can discover more below regarding the carpet cleaning procedures that we use to consistently produce excellent outcomes:
1. Intensive Rug Cleaning

It recommends older and filthy carpets.

2. Carpet Steam Cleaning

Applicable on tough fabrics and to cleanse thoroughly in high traffic areas

3. Pigment and Stain Cleaning

It removes stains and spots of all varieties, including red wine, coffee, tea, grass, and urine. It is safe for pets and children.

4. Detergent Rug cleaning

A general way for refreshing and repairing the rug’s fluffy texture, vivid colours, and smoothness.

5. Vacuuming

It is critical for reducing dust and protecting against allergic responses.

6. Purifying

In demand and combination with advanced methods of odour reduction.

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