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After So Many Years of Cleaning Carpets, Your Satisfaction Is Our Best Reward!

We have experienced cleaners to guarantee that your carpets are cleaner, smoother, and fresh, and we have educated the most delightful, committed personnel to deliver these services for you.

Scheduling your carpet cleaning with us is as simple as going to our “request a call back” contact form or calling our phone number above. Employ the experts today at Aurora Carpet Cleaning.

Having serviced the Sydney area, providing expert carpet cleaning services for the last several years the team at Aurora Carpet Cleaning are one of the finest carpet cleaning service providers in the area. With our commitment to providing approachable, friendly, and collaborative carpet cleaning services, where we take the time to listen to the concerns of our clients in relation to any complex stains and marks on their carpets, providing an initialised cleaning strategy and approach to ensure the best possible results. Your flooring is one of the most used assets of your home or office, with carpets sometimes walked on daily and also bearing the brunt of weight, from heavy furniture and household décor.

Essentially carpets are an significant component of your home environment and should be treated carefully and with the utmost respect and care. Vacuuming whilst great for removing some of the dirt and dust from your floors, does not provide a comprehensive clean. Without frequent steam cleaning you risk your household carpets retaining a variety of bugs, mildew, germs and perhaps even some carpet insects, which can not only damage your carpets, but risk your family’s health.

Our Procedure:
We examine the fibres thoroughly and choose the appropriate cleaning solutions for each specific carpet.
We vacuum to remove the bulk of fine dust.
The cleaner uses moderate pressure to minimise carpet damage.
Unique treatment methods for more stubborn stains and high traffic areas.
Utilising high-temperature steam cleaning machines, remove embedded grease and dirt.
Carpets meticulously groomed to improve their ultimate look and to aid in the drying process.
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Our service is one of the premier cleaning businesses in Sydney when it comes to excellent carpet cleaning services. 

What are you waiting for? Have you had a disaster or burst pipes that has damaged your carpet? 
Aurora Carpet Cleaning Service is what you need, and we are confident that we can provide and do everything we can to help avoid worsening the consequences of your disaster. Since we realise that natural calamities do not behave within work hours, we provide 24/7 emergency assistance. Contact us right away to speak with our experienced team. 24-hour emergency assistance is ready to aid with water prevention, cleaning, and restorations. Our water clean-up services let us preserve more of your home. 
Our carpet cleaning offers two different approaches:
Steam Cleaning Procedure
A comprehensive carpet cleaning service using the extraction method is significantly more sophisticated than a standard steam treatment. As a result, this steam-powered extraction method is the most efficient method for cleaning filthy carpets in the convenience of your own home or office.

Pressurised Hot Water Extraction will revitalise your carpet by removing compacted dust and eradicating a wide range of bacteria. In addition, steam extraction effectively eliminates home messes and pet spills, unwanted odours and dust particles.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Procedure
If the carpet is delicate, the carpet cleaning specialists might use a specialised dry chemical process. The granular solution is suitable with all synthetic materials, including silk and cotton. Additionally, since no hot water vapour is used this minimises the chance of damage.

Chemical dry carpet cleaning is also effective on other delicate or water-sensitive materials, including cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Schedule a clean today with Aurora Dry Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney using a high-end professional procedure that is eco-friendly and allergy-friendly.

Why Is Carpet Steam Cleaning Necessary?
We are aware that your carpet is a very significant component of your home and office. You vacuum it periodically, and it always seems to be in excellent condition. Isn’t that sufficient?

No! Vacuuming will not keep your carpet in its best condition. Without frequent steam cleaning, bed bugs, thick filth, mildew, hazardous germs, and even carpet insects will potentially thrive and generate toxic gases.

However, our steam cleaning procedure aims to eliminate all the frightening creatures that lurk in your carpet and make it feel, smell and look fresh. You can feel assured with our Aurora Carpet Cleaning Services Specialists will work in your best interests and recommend the best process for you.