Choosing new carpet for pet owners

Pet Owners

Are you a pet owner? Here is a short guide for the pet owners. How to choose a new carpet, what to pay attention for, how to maintain carpet and many more.

Buying a new carpet is a big decision as it is because of the cost involved. It can go into the thousands. When you have a pet you need to consider things that non pet owners don’t need to consider. You need to consider whether or not the new carpet will be suitable for the pet and if the pet is likely to damage the carpet or leaving pet stain on it. Just like humans, pets can develop allergies to various materials so you need to know if your pet is allergic to a certain type of carpet.

Carpet comes in various materials and if you own a pet then that will most probably likely influence the type of carpet you buy. You see, carpet is supposed to last anywhere up to 50 years, however if you own a pet that’s not likely to be the case.

Just like you would consider what fabric to buy your furniture out of because of your pet, you also need to be aware of the type of carpet you buy if you have a fluffy friend. You see, just like cats can scratch furniture, they can also make messes and you need to think about how easy it would be to remove a stain from carpet should you need to. Wool carpet is harder to remove pet stains from as well. This is because of the fibres used to make it. It’s easier for the stains to seep into the fibres.

Although wool carpet is more luxurious it is also more expensive and only lasts a long time if you maintain it well. When you own a pet that is harder to do because pets will be lying around on the floor and therefore it will suffer much more wear and tear than if you didn’t have a pet. If you want to maintain its quality and soft feel, then you would need to steam clean it at least once every six months versus once every 12-18 months. That will ensure its quality remains.

Synthetic carpet on the other hand may not be as luxurious or visually appealing as wool carpet but it is easier to get stains out of and more durable. It can last longer as a result.

There are also carpets designed specifically for pet owners. They’ve actually been designed so that instead of needing to replace an entire cut of carpet, most commonly a room, you can replace various sections if the stain is too large to cover up or repair. Carpets designed for fluffy friends tend to be more durable and easier to remove pet stains from due to the way they are manufactured.

That’s not all you need to consider when you are buying carpet if you have a pet. You also need to consider the colour. How easy would it be to remove a stain from if the animal made a mess? Would it be difficult to cover up the stain? Would it potentially ruin the carpet? Similar to clothing, you need to be aware that darker colours or textured carpets can hide stains much more easily than lighter carpets. Of course, it would also depend on the rest of the visual design of your home.

If you’re unsure what carpet you should consider as a pet owner then give Aurora Carpet Cleaning a call on 0421 566 773 and we’ll be able to assist you with some tips and guidance.

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