What to consider when buying new carpet

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Unlike curtains, cushions, or even furniture, floor coverings are not based on trends. You don’t replace your carpet every year. Floor coverings are very expensive, which is partially due to the length of time that they last. High quality carpet will generally last up to 40 years so you want to be sure you’re buying the right carpet and that it suits the rest of your home. It’s easy to think that the style of carpet is solely related to the physical appearance, but it is not. When you’re choosing your carpet there are other factors you need to consider as well.

You will need to establish the type of pressure your carpet will be under and therefore how durable it will need to be. Higher traffic areas will require a stronger floor covering that can stand up against high use.

To determine which carpet is most appropriate for your flooring requirements, you will need to look at the specific carpet types that you are purchasing and choose the best for your individual needs.

For starters you need to ensure you select the right carpet underlay. If you don’t, your carpet will not last and will be more exposed to the elements which come in my shapes and forms.

Aside from general wear and tear underlay is essential for protecting the carpet from rubbing on the wood below and eventually becoming ripped or getting worn down. Laying down the right underlay will ensure that your carpet maintains a softer more appealing feel to it than if you used no underlay at all.
Good underlay can save you on electricity bills because it acts as an insulator protecting you from the cooler weather and protecting your carpet from moisture. That will essentially mean your carpet will last longer than if you didn’t have underlay.

People only tend to think about the appearance or warmth when laying carpet. It’s worth nothing though that when you lay carpet you are protecting your home from noise outside. It can act as a noise insulator as well.

Returning to carpet, there are various things you need to consider when buying carpet that aren’t related to the aesthetics. You need to consider the fabric that you’re buying your carpet will be made from. Naturally the more expensive the materials, the better the quality.
Although wool carpet tends to last longer it needs to be looked after more than other types of carpet. Synthetic carpets may not last as long either due to the fabrics used to make it.
Ultimately there are so many factors to consider when you’re choosing the carpet for your property and the visual appeal is just one of those many aspects. You need to consider how you will be using it and how long you want it to last for.

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